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Sustainable Tourism Policy

At Embogo Lodges, we care for the environment as seen by our commitment to have a plastic free lodge. The lodge was constructed out of mostly natural products like hard wood, grass and volcanic stones making it blend with the environment around us. As Simon Reeve said, “Responsible travel is not only better for our world, it’s also interesting and memorable.  Responsible tourism is the future of travel. When you stay at Embogo Lodges, you help in conserving the environment while sustaining the wellbeing of the local people.

Eat Fresh

Food is a big determinant of a successful African Safari. Traditionally, Africans welcome their visitors by serving large portions of food fit for a King!  Following our African Heritage, we give our guests the opportunity to enjoy food and drinks that reflects our local cuisine, heritage and culture. While doing this we explain and sometimes show where the food comes from, who grows it and what farming practices they engage in. All the food served at the lodge is fresh from the garden and locally grown. We also have a vegetable garden and fish ponds at the lodge. Feel free to pick your own vegetables or hook your own fish (Terms & Conditions apply).

Community Involvement

The Ishasha sector community earns revenue for Embogo Lodges through employment opportunities as all lodge staff are members of the community.  During lodge construction some of the contractors were also from the community which helped them earn a living.  Embogo Lodges also supports Kameme Devine Primary school as part of our community outreach. Part of our profits go to buying foodstuffs, scholastic materials, provision of safe drinking water among others.

Embogo Lodges Conservation Efforts.

Controlling pollution

Air and water pollution are both harmful to the environment, gasses emitted by vehicles and people smoking cigarettes are the most popular air pollutants. Therefore we are committing time and resources to reduce on this. While we respect individual rights of every guest, we have put in place smoking zones to cater for our smoking guests to reduce the risk of passive smoking by non-smokers.

Water pollution is curbed by limiting dumping of waste in the River Ishasha and Ntungwe River. We are aware of the duration plastics require to decompose and with such information we ensure that we limit plastics from polluting the soil by placing recycle bins at a number of spots within the property premises to reduce on dumping of plastics and polythene as a way of protecting the soil while we conserve the environment, we encourage the use of bio degradable materials at the lodge for which we are at least sure they can decompose once dumped into the soil.

Planting Trees

“The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shed you do not expect to sit”. We have taken it upon ourselves to plant more trees than those we found. As a popular hangout of the African Elephants, our trees hardly survive the wrath of these elephants but we continue planning nevertheless.

These trees add to the beauty of our lodge, create shelter for picnic lovers but most importantly, the trees protects us from excess carbon dioxide and this enables people to live longer and healthy.

Human Wildlife conflict resolution.

There is a big problem of Human wild life conflict to the extent that some communities near protected areas have resolved to poisoning wild animals in order to save their crops and livestock. An estimated 50% of Uganda’s wildlife leaves outside the protected areas often times leading to Human Wildlife conflict in varying intensities. The nature of conflicts includes crop and property damage, human and livestock injury, human and livestock death. As a lodge, we are working in close contact with Uganda Wildlife Authority to sensitize communities and also collect data from affected communities which can intern help us reaching a lasting solution.

Each of our guest rooms feature a private bath, wi-fi and include full breakfast.



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